Five Cool Swimming Pool Boosters 

In a world of smart tablets, smart phones and even smart houses, smart cars and smart tables, it is normal to expect a little high-tech wizardry and automation from your pool. The following are 5 cool swimming pool boosters which can help bring your backyard to another level, the digital age: 


Fiber Optic and LED Lighting 

Do you like your swimming pool to glow even without any visible source of light? How about some flashing light shows? Or how about covering your pool bottom with tons of sparkling lights which act like the starry sky above? With the right fiber optic light or LED setup, you will be able to express the creative side of yours with different designs and programs.  

 An Automatic Pool 

There is no 2 ways about it: maintaining a swimming pool takes either a fair amount of money or a lot of time. But what if you can automate all the cleaning, the replacement of the filters, and all the regular pH checks? Nowadays, there is no need to be surprised for there are a lot of swimming pool automation systems available on the stores that you can install existing and new pools alike. 

An Automatic Cover 

The automatic cover does not just keep you from accidentally slipping into the swimming pool, it also prevents excessive evaporation and traps in the heat. As a matter of fact, if you obtain this one with a wireless controller, you can even automatically open the cover with a push of a button even if you are inside your home. And also allowing you to enjoy your backyard on a chilly fall or spring day and then jump straight into the warm pool water. 

Fountains and Waterfalls 

You can add both a relaxing sound and an aesthetic look to your swimming pool with just a small running water. In addition to that, the waterfall can also run over an ordinary rock display, off an unreal aqueduct or whatever would best suit your backyard. As for the foundation, when you make the correct design, it will not just be a bonus visually to your swimming pool but also, you can set patterns to compliment the LED or fiber optic lighting. 

Salt Water System 

You are not supposed to drink water from your pool anyway, right? Salt water is not only a good source of chlorine and better way to maintain levels of the chlorine in your pool. On top of that, the salt water is also better for the human’s skin compared to an ordinary chlorine water. 

Now that we are living on the information age and every single day, our lives are getting more fun and easier. And when everything else gives us benefits from new technology and new techniques, there is no more reason for you to leave your swimming pool in the cold. You can always consult or take good advices from knowledgeable and professional persons to help you with your swimming pool upgrade project or Orange County pool maintenance. This will surely ensure the project’s quality outcome.